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Typesetting and consistency

BK Translation® guarantees that the original typesetting is followed in the translated text and that the target language is consistent.

In this regard, it should be noted that consistency can only be guaranteed in the target text for original texts that use a homogeneous typesetting. Any subsequent work required on the final text will only increase the client’s correction costs.

One of BK Translation®'s tasks is therefore to act as a guide in ensuring consistency within a reasonable period of time. To this end, it also reports to the client on the different possibilities.

Depending on the format, a decision will be taken as to whether the typesetting submitted by the client can be maintained or whether another option would be preferable.

The effort to achieve consistency must also take into account the specific requirements of each language, such as those pertaining to punctuation. For example, in some languages, a space must be left before punctuation marks (comma, period, hyphen, inverted commas, etc.), whereas in others these marks are placed right after the preceding word.

 Likewise, in some languages, punctuation marks are used to replace expressions such as “etc.”. BK Translation® also harmonises the number of such marks in order to ensure de consistency of the corresponding language.

 We discuss any special requests concerning the translation of proper nouns or objects in all languages or just some with our clients. Even when different languages must meet different requirements we strive to accommodate the clients’ wishes to the greatest extent possible and guarantee a consistent translation.

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