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Workflow of BK Translation®

BK Translation® receives a query for a possible order.

The documentation is assessed by language combination, field, degree of difficulty, format, length and indicated delivery term.

Availability is checked and a prior reservation is made that is not binding for the client.

Depending on the format in which the client submits the documentation, it may need to be reformatted and prepared to enable calculation of an estimate for the total volume of work.

According to the aforementioned criteria, a non-binding estimate is generated and sent to the client.

The client accepts our proposal with the agreed deadlines.

If the client later decides to include something else, another estimated will be generated and sent to the client for his or her approval.

BK Translation® reconfigures the document to  ensure a homogeneous translation, organises the group of translators for the order and coordinates the delivery internally.

The client is asked to submit the company's glossary for the translation.

Before the internal delivery, all problems arising with regard to the terminology, the company’s internal nomenclature and other issues are compiled and analysed as a group.

If necessary, the client receives a document with all critical points requiring clarification.

BK Translation® receives Word document with the client's comments and can thus continue with the internal discussion with the group of translators.

The homogeneity of the format of the completed translations is checked through a scan reading of the text.

The client receives the translation and gives its acceptance.

BK Translation® issues the invoice based on the estimate and sends it to the client

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