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The outsourcing of production processes is commonplace in many big companies, multinationals, authorities and SMEs. It is done  above all to save on spiralling wage costs.

Companies prefer self-employed or freelance suppliers who guarantee quality and true outsourcing. By "true outsourcing we mean that the client receives translations done by expert translators, ready for publication, requiring no retouching by the client. To this end the relevant client-specific glossary and any other documentation required  for a first-class translation must be delivered before de job is done.

The outsourcing will thus save the company's administrative and secretarial staff  from having to do translation work, allowing them to focus on their own duties instead . Many companies give translations to employees who lack the right training. Of course, over the years some of them  become more familiar with translating and are indeed capable of rendering quality translations. However, others never manage to get their own jobs done,  are always behind schedule, cannot evolve or progress professionally, are under a great deal of stress and end up taking on  jobs for which they are not at all qualified.

Over the years, clients naturally carry out spot checks on samples of our work as the partner they rely on. BK Translation® views the fact that the client revises the translations to check their terminology and the context of the company as something positive. BK Translation® will be delighted to modify translations and correct the texts on the basis of any proposals sent.

When a problem arises, BK Translation® addresses it pragmatically and professionally.

With BK Translation®, the client enjoys an elegant, superior service provided in accordance with  our strict code of conduct.

That is why BK Translation® does not involve the client in internal processes.

We provide what the client is looking for: outsourcing, reduction of internal and external costs and outstanding customer service.

Wellness and Language®
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