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Translators are skilled professionals with university training or education that allows them to work exclusively in the field.

There are also professionals from other fields who, as part of their education, have been trained to work as translators. These people include, for example, engineers, scientists, IT experts, lawyers, doctors and other professionals with  university degrees who, as a result of their secondary training as translators (master's degree), are also qualified to work as translators.

First and foremost, BK Translation® recruits specialised translators who are able to  tackle translations intelligently and are aware of the responsibility involved in the work they deliver.

A specialised translator works exclusively in translation or combines his or her translating work with the job of interpreter. He or she ultimately takes his or her  own decision with regard to his or her  flexibility and availability to take on each new job.

The use of the professional name translator is not yet  internationally protected. Several  professional associations have sought protection in order to ensure a positive and professional image of translators vis-à-vis their clients.

Translators are language professionals who have mastered at least two languages, and sometimes three, four or five, and who are capable of translating complicated texts.

Translating requires understanding the contents of a text in context and establishing the relationship between them, translating competently into one's  native language in the field in question and, of course, having full mastery of the spelling rules and syntax of the target language.

The profile of the professional translator is like a good wine: the older he or she is, and the greater his or her experience, the better the translation.

Growing old in the field of translation after leveraging lifelong learning offers a range of benefits for clients.

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