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Tips for contracting translation and interpreting services

 When is it truly indispensable to obtain a translation?

The denser the documentation, the more advisable it is for a client to call in a professional translator to analyse it first, so that he or she can check for superfluous fragments that are not relevant to overseas users.

 This process can save up to 50% on the cost of translating the text into the different target languages.

 When clients handle translations themselves

 If you wish to maintain your international image, then choose a professional translator. In different cultures, an inaccurate or incomplete translation may be taken as an offence or interpreted as a lack of interest.

Due to time constraints, I would like to start the translation using a draft document

If a translation has to be started based on an incomplete draft, the client should indicate the time and date of subsequent versions to prevent misunderstandings.

Definition of the target group and contextualisation

Documents, particularly advertising texts, may be adapted depending on the target group, providing the translator is given the necessary information.

Therefore, information should be provided as to whether an advertising campaign will be implemented through catalogues or will appear in a daily or magazine, or if the translation is for internal use. Similarly, the translator often plays the role of copywriter, providing all his or her creativity. This notwithstanding, creativity and translation are two different matters, and translators need time to be creative.

Translations by lecturers and other academics

Many companies use the internal language services of universities and colleges to have their commercial documents translated.

 Foreign language teachers and other academics have a very good academic education. However, as with translation students, they tend to lack fluent translation skills and a well-honed style.

The same occurs with interpreting students, who interpret actively throughout their programmes, working in real conditions, instead of simply attending class to learn their trade. Skills should be honed at school, since the client is not looking for a free service, but rather to convey an image of excellence at the national and international levels.

Thus, the client should be aware of the importance of its documentation, whether a financial report, statistics, a process description or a talk for a conference or congress, and should let only specialists deal with the company’s image.

Important: To this end, BK Translation-Interpreters® employs only highly-qualified translators and interpreters, who can turn your investment into a veritable treasure.

A translator should always revise the text before it is printed or published

Texts for online publication and advertising material may undergo last-minute changes by the client and should therefore be rechecked by a professional translator.

 It is thus critical to leave time to correct the galley proofs.

Never have a text published or disseminated without having it proofread by someone else. Otherwise you may encounter unpleasant surprises or risk having your clients misinterpret incorrect translations.

Remember that translators need enough time to guarantee an impeccable translation.

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